What Is Freight Factoring?

Phoenix Capital Group’s transportation services keeps trucking companies of all sizes on the road. PCG’s freight factoring services allows truck drivers maintain steady cash flow and respond to business expenses by providing owner operators an advance on accounts receivable. The cartoon below is the perfect representation of a truck driver’s slow paying client, and why […]

Getting Started as an Independent Truck Driver

Getting Started as an Independent Truck Driver The pros and cons to becoming an independent trucker in the transportation industry are endless. Independent truck drivers are given the freedom to accept and reject customers, set your own prices, and control your schedule on and off the road. The cons of being an independent truck driver […]

Website Redesign – Freight Factoring

Phoenix Capital Group Announces the Launch of the New, Redesigned Website “Our goal was to create a website where online users would experience a more contemporary and seamless view of PCG,” said Tatum Williams, Marketing Manager for Phoenix Capital Group. “I believe we have accomplished our goal. There have been major improvements to the user experience, […]

Giving Thanks to Our Truckers

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and Phoenix Capital Group wants thank truck drivers across the country for their hard work and sacrifice. To say the ultimate thank you, we release to you our new and improved website! Here at PCG, we recognize and appreciate everything truck drivers do, and to say thank you for […]

Truck Drivers 6 Most Dangerous Situations on the Road

6 Dangerous Situations to Avoid on the Road The 6 most dangerous situations on the road and highways that cause fatal accidents involve commercial truck drivers and their large 18-wheelers. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA), there has been a 20% increase in trucking accidents over the last two decades. Each year, over 5,000 […]

Steps to Becoming a Successful, Profitable Trucker

The trucking industry is profitable, but even more so competitive. Whether you’ve been driving in the trucking industry for years or just breaking through, there’s always an opportunity to grow. Forbes states, “A financial statement analysis shows that private companies in the general-freight trucking industry, on average, increased sales by about 7 percent.” There are […]

Long-Haul Truckers Tricks to Staying Awake at the Wheel

Truck drivers who spend long hours on the highways understand how hard it is to stay awake behind the wheel. Balancing road safety and meeting deadlines can be a full-time job in itself. Here are a few tricks to help truck drivers stay awake on the highways at night! Keep talking! The hum of your […]

Truckers Guide to Staying Healthy On the Road

As a professional truck driver who sits a majority of the day, you face health and wellness challenges. We have compiled a list of physical and mental challenges that truck drivers face on the road daily, along with solutions to these problems. Physical and mental health is vital for professional and personal success in the […]

Truck Drivers 2016 New Year’s Resolutions

“New Year’s Resolution is a tradition in which a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something slightly nice, such as opening doors for people beginning from New Year’s Day.” Stay connected to friends and family! Countless weeks out of the year are spent on the road, and it becomes easy to […]

Dangers of Improperly Loading a Commercial Truck

When a commercial truck is overloaded or improperly loaded, it can affect how the truck handles, trigger excessive wear and tear on the tires and brakes, and be subject to loss of control and rollover accidents. A 2014 study found that over 5,000 people are killed and nearly 150,000 are injured in commercial vehicle accidents. These […]