It takes an ample amount of time and effort for truckers and fleets to successfully maximize cash flow. It’s time to think differently and push the boundaries to maximize cash flow within your business today.

“Think Different.” – Steve Jobs

Think different by cutting costs to maximize cash flow. This may involve simply reducing the amount of meals you choose to eat out, or it could involve terminating excess truck drivers if quantity of loads are down to maximize your monthly payroll, all while keeping productivity relatively high. Another way to trim your trucking business costs down may involve equipment financing. Rather than purchase brand new equipment, finance it and pay it off as your expenses allow.

Think different by  focusing on customer service to maximize cash flow. As a professional truck driver, shortening the time it takes to greet a customer and providing that customer with a product or service is a key element in maximizing your small business cash flow. Developing a more professional and efficient customer service experience allows your business to satisfy each customer in fewer steps. This leads to an increase in cash flow due to an increase in overall customer satisfaction and sales.

Think different by maintaining healthy cash flow… To to maximize cash flow. A typical expense in a trucker’s world eat up a majority of cash flow. Expenses such as truck maintenance, rig repairs, and fuel costs come are expenses for truckers on a regular basis. High expenses like these leave truckers unable to pull scheduled loads until you have been paid by customers. It is common to have a waiting period of 30, 60, or 90 days to receive a paid invoice. Truckers can effectively avoid such cash flow issues by factoring your freight with Phoenix Capital Group. Truckers have the ability to obtain financing during times when a company’s freight bills are not being paid fast enough. Rather than wait for clients to pay you what you are owed and risk losing out to the competition, truckers can immediately receive funding required to keep business rolling with Phoenix Capital Group.

Think different by growing your fleet to maximize cash flow. Whether your are an independent trucker or a large fleet continuing to grow you business, over time you will likely need to add more trucks to your fleet. Besides deciding which trucks are better suited for yourself or your fleet, you will also need to consider whether you should buy or lease the vehicles.

Having a sound business plan will maximize cash flow and increase professional productivity.

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