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Online Load Board

Phoenix Capital Group now offers online load board access to all existing clients. helps PCG clients find high-paying freight quickly and at no additional cost. 

Fuel Card Program

Phoenix Capital Group (PCG) can help trucking companies respond to expenses and get back on the road faster by offering a private fuel card. PCG provides customers with access to our private EFS fuel card program, enabling truck drivers and transportation companies to save thousands of dollars per year.

Non-Recourse Factoring

Phoenix Capital Group’s (PCG) non-recourse freight factoring gives clients the ability to sell their invoices without recourse. The typical invoice factoring period usually takes 30, 60 or 90 days for invoice payment, which can create financial strain.

Equipment Financing

Phoenix Capital Group offers equipment financing with low down payments and flexible payment schedules to all existing freight factoring clients. Don’t worry about bad credit or bankruptcies—apply online and experience quick closings at any dealership nationwide.

Freight Factoring

Phoenix Capital Group (PCG) provides services for new and established trucking companies, giving them the financial flexibility to focus on their businesses. This empowers drivers to respond to expenses like payroll, fleet fuel and maintenance without having to wait for payments to process. 

Freight Factoring

Partner with Phoenix Capital Group to keep your company on the road. Freight factoring allows trucking companies of all sizes to maintain steady cash flow and respond to business expenses by providing owner-operators an advance on accounts receivable. 

Why Choose Us?

Phoenix Capital Group Provides Drivers Competitive Freight Factoring Rates With Month-to-Month Contracts And Excellent Customer Service.

Stay on the Road

Phoenix Capital Group’s freight factoring services keep you on the road. We allow trucking companies to respond to expenses like payroll, fleet fuel and truck maintenance without having to wait for payment.

Next Level Success

No matter your trucking company’s growth rate, PCG provides freight factoring services for fleets of all sizes. Give us a call and let us help your trucking company reach the next level of success.

Powered by Knowledge

Freight factoring, non-recourse freight factoring, fuel cards, referral rewards, equipment financing and an online load board are all available to you as a PCG client.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Here’s what our longstanding clients have to say about us.

About Us

Awesome business relationship with PCG. Thanks to PCG’s efficiency and high standards this is one area they have created a worry-free environment within our business. We have recommended Phoenix Capital Group to several other carriers.

Paul Wilson

I have been with them for 3 years. Easy to work with. Great people especially our account manager. I always recommend them to other carriers!

John Shidagis

I cannot believe we have been with Phoenix Capital Group for 7 years, before that we used Foley Carrier Services and were very unhappy with the service. I love my account manager L.C. she is great and always answers my calls and gets the job done right away. We are happy with the rates and their services. Recommended PCG 100%.


Phoenix Capital is a great company! The customer service is outstanding! Our Account Rep Stephanie is awesome and always answers my questions and calls. The entire team is amazing! We highly recommend this company 100%. Thanks Phoenix Capital Group!

Mas Truck Service

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Phoenix Capital Group offers an exceptional factoring referral program to individuals who introduce any new business to PCG.

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