Thanksgiving is only a few days away and Phoenix Capital Group wants thank truck drivers across the country for their hard work and sacrifice. To say the ultimate thank you, we release to you our new and improved website!

Here at PCG, we recognize and appreciate everything truck drivers do, and to say thank you for all your hard work we would like to announce our new, live website: PCG preformed a complete redesign to improve site navigation and overall user experience.

  • Account access portal available to customers 24/7.
  • Updated information on gasoline and diesel fuel prices.
  • Overall contemporary design and navigation to increase efficiency.
  • Convenient forms to request quotes or to contact a representative.
  • Links to all social media platforms for customers to better stay informed.
  • Up to date information regarding freight factoring, equipment financing and fuel card programs.
  • Increased online presence by introducing new social media platforms featuring Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

It is impossible to explain how critical truck drivers are to our economy. Society would not be functional without men and women in the trucking industry delivering consumer products. From building materials, food, medicine and more; there would be absolutely no resources without trucker drivers.

The men and women who drive for a living do not get sick days or last minute personal days. They don’t even get to sit down with their families on Thanksgiving like most Americans. PCG wants to thank our truckers for sacrificing their time; health and energy to provide the citizens of the United States with necessary resources.

PCG gives thanks to truckers daily by providing excellent customer service and outstanding offers.

 Freight factoring increases a truck driver’s cash flow without having to borrow money. This service can be critical to a trucker’s success, which is why we offer freight factoring benefits to truckers 24/7:

  • Low rates.
  • High advances.
  • Same-day funding.
  • No long-term contracts.
  • No minimum commitments.
  • 24 hour set up time for new accounts.
  • Online account access providing up to the minute account information.

PCG’s fuel card program helps truckers and trucking companies respond to expenses quicker and get back on the road faster. We offer our own cash card to help your transportation business manage fuel and other expenses. Benefits of our fuel card program include:

  • Helps businesses manage fuel expenses.
  • Exclusive discount hotel program, 20-40% savings.
  • Online account access provides up to date account information.
  • Universal acceptance at all major truck stops and many independents.
  • PCG fuel card gives drivers instant access to their paycheck and settlement.

PCG’s equipment financing is available for a wide variety of situations; from power units to trailers, even refinancing equipment coming off of a lease. It is ultimately a flexible solution for all your transportation business needs. Benefits of equipment financing through PCG include:

  • No credit checks.
  • Low down payments.
  • Flexible payment schedules.
  • Quick closing at any dealership, nationwide.

Truck drivers, we encourage you to start taking advantage of our ‘big Thanksgiving thank you’ offers today!
Check out our new website, connect with us on social media, and begin applying for freight bill factoring along with many other transportation services!

 “I have worked over the years with several factoring companies,

PCG work above and beyond advertised standards and I appreciate it.

Thanks for all your help you are definitely instrumental in keeping us rolling, at a very reasonable rate.”

Matt B. – Carolina Steel Logistics