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Phoenix Capital Group

Phoenix Capital Group (PCG) is focused on providing competitive, cost-effective freight factoring services. As a one-stop transportation services company, PCG offers freight factoring services to independent truck drivers and fleets, and our financial factoring services are growing daily. Independent truck drivers can receive access to freight bill factoring services, non-recourse freight factoring services, our private EFS fuel card program, equipment financing, and a free online load board through PCG.

No matter the growth rate of your business, PCG is able to help truck drivers reach the next level and keep drivers better informed about freight factoring. PCG’s long-term vision is to understand the challenges and obligations that truck drivers face in the transportation industry and provide them with the tools to drive business forward. 

This is why PCG offers convenient online access for account holders as well as access to additional freight factoring services. PCG partners with businesses of all sizes to help simplify and enhance transportation operations and provide excellent freight factoring rates.

Our Mission

To Provide Competitive Freight Factoring Rates While Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

Why Factor With Phoenix Capital Group?

PCG provides competitive freight factoring rates on a month-to-month contract while delivering exceptional customer service to help our trucking clients reach the next level of success. Our goal is to go above and beyond customer expectations, building business relationships that empower clients to reach even greater heights.

  • Month-to-Month Contract

    Phoenix Capital Group never asks for a long-term contract from clients. Every PCG client is on a month-to-month contract, allowing freedom and flexibility for clients.

  • Competitive Factoring Rate

    Try to beat Phoenix Capital Group’s factoring rate! PCG provides competitive factoring rates to keep more money in the pockets of our customers.

  • We Want You to Succeed

    Our low factoring rates, month-to-month contracts and 24/7 online account access are only a few of the benefits PCG offers to give our customers real, decisive advantages.

  • Account Representatives

    Each Phoenix Capital Group client receives an account representative to ensure all questions or concerns are taken care of as soon as possible, via phone or email. Coupled with 24/7 online account access, this service keeps clients informed and prepared.

Phoenix Capital Group is now a part of Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company.