The winter season is around the corner which means the job of a trucker driver becomes increasingly more dangerous.
Icy roads, heavy rainfall, and inexperienced drivers make truck drivers prone to more accidents. Phoenix Capital Group wants to do more than provide you with quality freight bill factoring and fuel cards, so here are a few tips to keep drivers safe on the road. Don’t wait until the winter months to begin planning, start today by following our winter safety tips for truck drivers:

Slow down and always be aware of your sail area. Some trucks can have over 500 square feet of sail area which can be a problem with high winds. High-speed winds create different wind pressures under and around your rig.

Keep your tire chains handy. Make sure your truck tire chains are the right size. Don’t forget to bring along bungees, cam lock t-handles, warm gloves, a pad to kneel on and a flashlight.

Make sure your rig is properly equipped.
– Be sure to have plenty of antifreeze, this way the windshield is clean and you have plenty of windshield washer fluid.
– Check to make sure your truck headlights are clean and in working order.
– Verify that your truck tires have tread and are properly inflated.
– Always keep your cell phone on you and fully charged, in case of an emergency.

While on the road, slow down and drive smoothly.
– Avoid unexpected acceleration, braking and unwarranted lane changes.
– Be patient and accept the fact that it is going to take longer to arrive at your destination.

Things to check while preparing your trucks for winter driving:
– Ignition system
– Fuel system
– Belts
– Fluid levels
– Brakes
– Exhaust system
– New wiper blades
– Windshield washer fluid.
– Snow tires
– Tire tread and pressure.
– Defroster
– Cooling system
– Battery
– Lights
– Antifreeze

Carry all the personal equipment you’ll need to battle bad weather:
– Extra blankets.
– Snow shovel and scraper.
– Flashlight and extra batteries.
– Snacks and water.
– PCG fuel card program.
– An additional set of warm clothing.
– Cloth and/or paper towels.

If you begin to skid on icy roads, follow these steps:
– Quickly take your foot off the gas and shift to neutral.
– Next, turn your steering wheel in the direction you want your rig to go.
– Before the rear wheels stop skidding, shift to drive and gently press the accelerator.
– Remember; do not slam on your brakes.

Last but not least; BUCKLE UP! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did a survey in 2012 and found that seat belts reduce serious crash-related injuries and deaths by about half.

Truckers have a dangerous job during the winter season; by using these preventative driving habits, you are making a difference on the road. Use these tips to keep yourself and others safe this winter.