NO long-term contacts – PCG month-to-month contracts ONLY

There is nothing scarier to a new trucking business than a long term contract. In the world of freight factoring, we see far too many new truckers sign one to five year factoring contracts! Here at PCG, our clients are on month-to-month contracts. Our clients are free to walk away at any time, as long as they send us a 30 day notice. 

Competitive PCG factoring rates

Here at PCG, we do everything in our power to give you the most fair and reasonable factoring rate. With that being said, if you receive an official factoring rate from one of our competitors that is lower than our rate, we welcome you to reach out and share those documents with us. Although we do not guarantee a factoring rate match, we will do everything in power to match it!

Remember with any freight factoring rate and contract: look at the fine print, contract terms and minimums. You may receive an extremely low factoring rate, but there could be strings attached elsewhere… and that’s just not fair!

Outstanding customer service

Customer service is the foundation of PCG’s business’ success. With that being said, in addition to our receptionist always at the phone, each PCG factoring client has an account representative that monitors their account and are available to answer client’s calls and emails – during regular business hours. 

Free credit checks for our clients, never haul a bad load again

As your factoring company, we do not want to buy any invoices that are high-risk so we provide a quick, easy and free resource in your account portal to check your potential customer. Quickly run the customer’s name and you will receive a “yes” or “no”. PCG’s ‘no buy list’ has been carefully put together for our factoring clients so you don’t get stuck with a bad invoice.

Recourse factoring and non-recourse factoring

Recourse factoring is the most common type of invoice factoring. In recourse factoring, your company remains liable if an invoice is not paid by a customer for any reason, whether it be quality problems, financial problems, or even if they simply don’t want to pay. If an invoice is not paid, you will have to either provide the factoring company a new invoice, allow them to debit reserves, or simply paying them back.

Non-recourse factoring works exactly the same as recourse factoring, with the exception that you do not have to pay back the factoring company if an invoice is not paid due to an insolvency of the customer during the factoring period. This exception is often misunderstood, as many business owners mistakenly assume that non-recourse factoring eliminates any responsibilities for payment if a customer doesn’t pay. In many cases, this is not true.

PG gets rid of the root cause of your cash flow problems

Drivers need quick payment on invoices but have clients that demand to pay slowly. PCG can solve this problem and provide an advance on your slow-paying invoices. This solution accelerates revenues that were locked in slow-paying invoices. As a result, your you don’t have to deal with collecting from the client, your cash flow improves, expenses are paid, and you can start offering payment terms with confidence.

PCG client appreciation

PCG sends out monthly email blasts to keep YOU in the loop when it comes to PCG, industry updates and giveaways. Our giveaways held via social media are a fun way for our clients to win Yeti’s, cash and gear. Clients also have the opportunity to meet their PCG representatives at the yearly trucker trade shows!