A new decade is right around the corner, now is the time to set new goals for your life and succeed! Whether you’re wanting to add a few digits to the bank account, or loose a few digits to your waistline use the steps below to accomplish your goal. Don’t forget to download your goals worksheet too!


One large goal can be overwhelming, sometimes it helps to make small goals with various deadlines. Setting small, specific goals also keeps you encouraged along the way—each time you meet one, you have reason to celebrate your progress with your goals. Next thing you know, you’re almost to your overall goal!


Do you want to save money? What is your timeframe, how much, is there a reason why you want to save money? Without some definable parameters, your best intentions can get lost in the shuffle. The more detailed you can be the easier it is to stay focused on what you have to do to succeed. Instead of eating out every night on the road, pack a few meals to take with you. You can also bring snacks on the road, rather than spending big bucks for a small snack!


Everyone is more likely to achieve their resolutions when we make them public. Sharing our goals holds us accountable, so it’s harder to back out. Whether you’re recruiting an accountability partner from your friends or family, or posting your progress on social media. Make sure you have something holding you to your daily goals!


Consistency and planning ahead is key. If you’re trying to save money then plot out a monthly budget. If you’re trying to lose weight, schedule a week’s worth of workouts each Sunday so you don’t have to think about how to fit it all in. And attach your goal to another activity. For instance, if you want to meditate more, plan a nightly session for right after brushing your teeth.


Reassessing your goal after a few months once you start making changes may be necessary. You may find your follow through was a little unrealistic, feel free to tweak the path to your goal as you see fit. Don’t feel ashamed – as life changes, so does your goal sometimes.


As you plan your goal, your path to the goal and your follow through, it’s important you also plan your reward system. As you see progress, reward yourself for your hard work and dedication. It’s important you do not misinterpret “reward” with self sabatosh. Give yourself a break but don’t let it ruin your routine, follow through and goal!