New Trucking Business Need Freight Factoring

If you have your own authority and a new trucking business, you will need cash up front to cover the cost of fuel and other expenses involved in delivering your load before you get paid. This can be difficult to do with newer, small trucking companies. Many truck drivers have a difficult time obtaining a bank loan if credit history isn’t favorable too. Freight factoring helps truck drivers start their business while avoiding any loans. Factors, like Phoenix Capital Group, do not loan any money to truck drivers, they simply make the money that drivers are owed available sooner – often available is same day or next day funding.

Be Debt-Free with Freight Factoring

Truck drivers can avoid loans by funding your business with freight factoring. You’re getting paid for your job, just in advance minus a small fee, and you won’t be in any sort of debt to the factor when it’s all said and done.

Stop Worrying about Keeping Track of All Your Invoices

Invoicing clients and collecting the payments after the load is delivered can be an ample hassle to do. Most drivers don’t receive payment for 30-90 days (depending on your terms) after the load has been delivered. Don’t try to manage your accounts payable or hire extra staff because that will cost you more time and money, instead factor your invoices with Phoenix Capital Group. Let PCG pay you immediately, keep track of your invoices and take care of collections.

Check Your Clients’ Credit for Free

Do you really want to haul that load? Click or call Phoenix Capital Group to see if they will actually pay your invoice! PCG will check the credit quality of your existing and new customers, helping you determine which have good payment habits. If you work with the best clients, then we work with the best clients too!

Phoenix Capital Group Client Perks

There are many advantages to factoring your freight invoices with Phoenix Capital Group: (1) Equipment financing, (2) fuel card program, (3) free online load board, (4) outstanding customer service and (5) many PCG giveaways!

Interested in Freight Factoring?

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