Studies show that 80% of American’s suffer from back pain, and truck drivers make up an ample amount of this statistic. Phoenix Capital Group has provided a trucker’s guide to reducing back pain to help individuals deal with their pain. These solutions help with short-term and long-term pain. Trucker’s don’t’ want to patch the pain with medication and heating pads every few hours, truckers need a solution that will fix the issue!
  1. Always be aware of your posture while driving your truck. Bad posture when sitting down not only hurts your back in the moment but causes long-term damage too. Your muscles are being pulled and torn in directions that are unnatural and cause serious harm. Fix this issue by stretching your back and arms at every bus stop. While driving, rest your back against the back of the seat and touch your legs to the seat. Get into this habit and relax while driving, truck drivers will start seeing improvement in no time.

2. Like mentioned above, make stretching a daily habit. Begin making it routine to stretch before you start driving, while on the road, and during your rest stops. It is important for truck drivers of all ages to stretch and lightly workout daily. Individuals that drive for long periods of time are more prone to muscle pain and weakness due to the consistent, vibrating movements that their trucks produce. Fix this issue by taking two minutes to stretch at every stop you make while on the road. Take a look at the chart below for various stretches we recommend you participate in daily.


3. Another tip in our trucker’s guide to reducing back pain is to eat healthy while on the road. Nutritious foods control your weight which controls your back pain. Obesity adds more pressure to your muscles. Truckers can fix this issue by eating healthy foods rather than fast food and unhealthy snacks. For more health tips check out this article: Truckers Guide to Staying Healthy on the Road!

eat healthy

4. Another suggestion we recommend is to purchase a comfy seat cushion to support your back while you drive. Ergonomic seats and seat cushions help reduce back pain and are also very comfortable. This issue is easy to fix if you are willing to spend the extra money. These portable seat cushions and seats fit into the cab of your truck comfortably and are normally portable. The seats and cushions evenly distribute body weight, improving posture and spine alignment while truckers are seated for hours.