Truck driving with your spouse is becoming more and more popular in this day and age.

There is nothing more rewarding than sharing a common goal and thriving together to reach it. Although it’s a fun learning opportunity, there are also some negative aspects. Below are a few pro’s and con’s to help you determine whether or not truck driving with your spouse is a good choice.

Positive aspects to truck driving with your spouse:
  • When truck driving with your spouse, you are given the ability to trade shifts driving and resting. The benefit to this is that you are able to drive twice as much as a single trucker on the road. In the end, the more miles you drive; the more money you make!
  • Truck driving with your spouse also decreases loneliness. Not only does driving with your spouse give you someone to chat with during the rides but they give couples the opportunity to travel the country together. Traveling the United States together can almost be a mini-vacation! If you’re not married, maybe consider a shotgun wedding in Arizona on your way to your next stop!
  • Truck driving with your spouse increases safety! When driving together, you have a second set of eyes on the road for a majority of the time. You also have a second person in case of emergency. You can never be too careful on the road, and driving with a second person definitely helps.
Negative’s to truck driving with your spouse:
  • Sometimes the driving for long periods of time takes a toll on a person. In some cases, spouses find themselves spending less time together on the road. When one person is driving, the other is sleeping, and vice versa.
  • If both parties aren’t on board for living out of an 18-wheeler then conflict may arise. The truck driving life is not for everyone so it’s important to have an open conversation about the pro’s and con’s together before hitting the road.
  • Although you make more money driving as a team, sometimes you spend it quicker on unnecessary expenses. While on the road, eating out three meals a day and snacking is expensive but with two people it can increase drastically. It’s important to have a candid conversation about budgeting and food expenses before hitting the road.
Whether you like the idea of truck driving with your spouse or not, you can always take a small trucking trip with your loved one to test the water. Being on the road with a loved one can be fun but also demanding in many ways. It’s always a good idea to weigh your options before committing to a long term trip.