According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), November and December make up nearly 20 percent of annual retail sales, and this number is almost always expected to increase. These increased sales mean big things for the U.S. economy and businesses everywhere. They also force consumers to reflect on how important truck drivers and the freight industry are – especially during the holiday season!

Communities Rely on the Trucking Industry

Studies (previous to 2020) show that 80 percent of communities across the U.S. receive all of their goods by truck. That means that without truck drivers, the large majority of the U.S. would not have access to food, clothes or supplies all year-round. This becomes even more prevalent during the holiday season, as families around the country rely on truckers to deliver the food, decorations, and gifts to help fulfill their family traditions.

Rise of Online Shopping and the Freight Industry

In this day and age, for the businesses that wish to stay afloat, fast shipping is a must. This has inspired solo truckers to pair up, so they can alternate shifts and keep the truck moving all day and night. One trucker will sleep while the other drives, usually switching every 10 hours. Fast shipping is especially important during the holidays because the percentage of online shoppers increases dramatically during this time. In 2018, for example, there was a 16.9 percent increase in online shopping during the fourth quarter. Truck drivers have to work tirelessly to make sure every gift, package and holiday parcel arrives at its destination on time.

The Demand for Truckers is Increasing

According to the American Trucking Association’s “U.S. Freight Forecast to 2024,” there will need to be a 20% increase in freight volumes of all kinds to keep up with demand by 2024. This report, originally published in 2013, has proven prophetic in the increase we have already seen within the trucking industry, and the numbers are only getting higher.

For all these reasons, we are grateful for truckers everywhere, and if you are considering becoming a commercial truck driver yourself, there is no better time to get started. Jumpstart the process and get yourself behind the wheel of a big rig as soon as possible and leave your financing needs in the capable hands of Phoenix Capital Group!