Effective time management for truck drivers means getting the most out of your time on the road so you can then spend more time at home.

Get enough rest while you’re on the road, before you become too exhausted. You must plan for resting as much as driving to increase your efficiency. One of the best ways to maximize your rest time is arriving at a parking site early before most other truckers arrive and then leaving early to get a good jump on the day. One big advantage of leaving early is that you’ll usually face less traffic and you get to watch the beautiful sunrise!

Avoid traffic at all costs. Not only is sitting in traffic frustrating, but it is one of the biggest factors that eats up your most of your time. Plan your route ahead to avoid rush hours through cities and busy streets.

Create checklists. Become a creature of habit and double check everything before any trip. Truck maintenance, all loading concerns, tools, equipment, route traffic, traffic patterns and food along the way. All of these points will help reduce time and make you a more efficient truck driver.

Try to stay ahead of schedule and keep track of delivery schedules. Monitoring delivery schedules should always be considered when driving professionally to reduce time and headache. We recommend you recognize location of an available load repeatedly and always have information ready regarding any load.

Acquire a global positioning system (GPS). For truck drivers, one of the most useful inventions in the industry is the GPS. This device aids truckers and ensures you will get to your destination correctly. Not only does a GPS help truckers avoid getting lost but they reduce truckers HOS.

Always practice safety on and off the road. Every individual in the trucking industry understands that arriving with a load on time is priority, but arriving safely is top priority. Trucks should never give up safety to gain time. The best way to safely be on time is to be prepared and plan ahead.

Our time management tips for truckers will do nothing but make your life easier. Put them to use and watch your hours of free time go up, and your hours of stress go down!