The Great American Trucking Show is coming up and Phoenix Capital Group wants you to be prepared to get the most out of your time there!
great american trucking show
  1. Do you exhibitor research before you attend the trade show! Pick a few people companies from the exhibitor list . (You can find this list on the trade shows website, for example, here is The Great American Trucking Show Exhibitor List). Make it your goal to meet with any company that you need services, have a question or just want their amazing free goodies! Trade shows can be an expensive, overwhelming waste of time or a great opportunity to connect with great businesses. Let’s make the most of your net trade show, especially if it’s The Great American Trucking Show!
  2. Who are they and why do they matter? Get everyone contact information that you talk to during the show, and take note of why they matter for later when you review your business cards! Trade shows are mad amount of people packed into 2-3 days and remembering ‘who did what’ will be difficult. Take notes throughout the show, even write each person’s specialty on their business card. This will help you remember how they can help you and topics of conversation later when you’re home reviewing your contacts.
  3. Connect with serious prospects before the show. Stand out from the huge crowd by looking up the the show exhibitors a week or two before you go. Send them a quick note via social media or their online contact form to let them know you’d like to connect with them at the trade show. The exhibitors will be more likely to remember you when you show up to their booth—and more likely to reply once you follow up after the show. You may even get extra freebies as a familiar contact!
  4. Take advantage of social media and use the official hashtag! Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are perfect to post about the conference using the official hashtags. I did that recently, and on the last day they presented a wrap-up full of attendee’s tweets. Mine kept popping up on the screen, and the presenter thanked my company for its “terrific tweets.” As you can imagine, this was great, free publicity for us. If you’re attending The Great American Trucking Show, use the hashtag #TheGreatAmericanTruckingShow !
  5. Follow up, follow up, follow up! If you make an awesome connection at the trade show, don’t be shy! Companies get busy, especially as they return to the office from a trade show to find 500 emails, 600 voicemails and 700 fire to put out! Don’t hesitate to reach out via email to briefly rehash what your you discussed and how the two of your can work together.
  6. Freebies! Every trade show has crazy amounts of free things, take advantage of it! Depending on what shows you attend there can be some real good freebies waiting for you. Cups, flashlights, lip balm and so much more… These items may seem small and in abundance now, but they seriously come in handy when you’re on the road. Best of all, don’t forget almost every booth has a BIG giveaway – Yeti Coolers, iPad’s, large gifts cards and so much more. For example, Phoenix Capital Group’s booth #901 is giving away an iPad this year at The Great American Trucking Show 2019! Large giveaways are great for attendees and normally only cost your name and contact information to be put in the drawing.