While in the beginning stages of your start up trucking company there are crucial decisions that need to be made and ample amounts of paperwork to be completed in such a short amount of time; all while you’re still driving for soon to be old employer. Becoming an owner operator and building your own client list is not an easy task for anyone. Phoenix Capital Group is here to help you get your trucking company up and running! First task at hand; freight factoring services!

Why is it important to sign with a freight factoring company?

There is so much to accomplish on your road map to becoming an owner operator, every corner there is another form to complete or piece of equipment to purchase. Freight factoring is often overlooked during the beginning of the journey; but what you might not realize is factoring is one of the first things you should check off on your task to becoming an independent driver. Why? Because, what are you going to do once you’re ready to haul your first load….

What happens when you’re finally an owner operator and ready to haul your first load?

As a truck driver, you’re still driving for your old company while trying to apply for your own authority. Then out of nowhere, you have your own trucking company and are getting ready to haul your first load! But what happens when you’re hauling that first load and it hits you, you’re not going to actually get paid for another 1-3 months?!  This is why you should find a trusted freight factoring company (Phoenix Capital Group) right away – before you find insurance and before you buy a truck!

Benefits of factoring with Phoenix Capital Group:
  • No factoring application fee, no long-term contracts, and no minimum volume fees!
  • Drivers receive payment for the loads they delivered that day within 24 hours via wire and/or ACH transfer.
  • Account managers assigned to each factoring client to ensure invoice purchasing runs smoothly.
  • Factoring clients (YOU) have online access their account 24/7.
  • Recourse freight factoring and non-recourse factoring available for drivers.
  • Phoenix Capital Group offers drivers recourse and non-recourse freight factoring.
  • PCG’s private fuel card program offers drivers fuel savings, roadside assistance discounts, tire savings, hotel discounts, and so much more.
  • Free online load board for Phoenix Capital Group’s factoring clients.
  • Factoring clients may apply for equipment financing.
  • Clients have the ability to make extra cash throughout the week with Phoenix Capital Group’s referral program.

Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only and is not intended as financial or legal advice. Please call Phoenix Capital Group with any questions or concerns, 623-298-3450. Also, the accuracy of any calculations or rates are not guaranteed, for accurate calculations, rates and advice please call us.