The Holiday season is a time for family and rest for most people, but for a truck driver it’s the busiest season of all! PCG’s compiled a list of truckin’ awesome gifts your beloved driver will appreciate on the road – that won’t break the bank!

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  1. YETI Hopper Sidekick Dry – The SideKick Dry® is designed for both men and women that need to keep the important things accessible, secure and 100% dry. This waterproof gear case is the worry-free way to carry your keys, wallet, license, and phone in any atmosphere. 
  2. Electric Blanket for the Truck – This cozy heated blanket is highly rated, 12-Volt (with Patented Safety Timer by Trillium Worldwide) and is perfect for those cold nights on the road. 
  3. Custom Hat – Get your driver a custom hat with his or her logo on it! The comfortable trucker hat hat has a custom logo leather patch where you can get any name, logo or design. 
  4. Nothing says more practical than compression socks! Compression socks are extremely useful on the road, but they don’t have to be boring. Ridiculously soft, breathable, functional and fun!
  5. Cool Flexi Flash LED Flashlight Gadget! From repairing on your truck, to late night run outside the truck to reading in your bed, this flexible flashlight is a handy little gift your drive will be sure to use often.
  6. Little notes of encouragement! Everyone has days that are just a bummer, so why not have a few cards ready and waiting. For the days “when you’re not feeling well”, or “the days you are too tired” are a few notes you can slide in the truck. Remember, the distance is not a problem, just an inconvenience!
  7. Man Crates, let your trucker destroy his gift wrap! Knives, barbecue sauce, whiskey, jerky and more; you can get a gift your trucker will love enclosed in a heavy-duty style gift wrap they’ll be able to destroy with a tiny hammer, small crowbar or mini-dynamite!