Phoenix Capital Group offers an exceptional referral program to individuals who refer any business to PCG, whether the referral is a PCG client or not. Our referral program is simply individuals who decide to partner with us for all freight factoring services, equipment financing services, and/or fuel card program based on another’s opinion.

Whether this opinion comes from a PCG client (like a current freight factoring client or an equipment financing client) or comes from a random person who simply knows and loves PCG’s services (like brokers, mechanics, your second cousin twice removed…).

No matter the source of the referral, PCG heavily relies on the trust that people in the transportation industry put into us. This is why PCG rewards our top promoters with cold-hard-cash. Our promoters are our most loyal and enthusiastic customers. Our promoters regularly refer others to help fuel PCG’s business growth.

How It Works: PCG’s Referral Program

No two people are the same.
No two referrals are the same.

Although PCG has a set referral program, we have the ability to customize a unique plan to any referral source that generates additional business for PCG.

The standard is set after a conversation between the BDO and the referral source:

  •         If the conversation indicates a referral source that can generate multiple leads, we’ll have them sign a referral agreement for 10%.
  •         If the lead is individual based, the referral amount is based on the 1st 30 day’s volume generated by the new client.
    • Up to $10,000 in purchases = $100
    • $10,000-$50,000 in purchases = $250
    • In excess of $50,000 in purchases = $500

For more information about our referral program, click here!

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