Whether you are new to trucking or have been in the industry for years, there are individuals across the country that have never heard of Phoenix Capital Group or the services we offer trucking companies of all sizes. From freight bill factoring, with competitive factoring rates, to financing, we are the one-stop transportation services company.

Recourse Factoring:

Recourse freight factoring makes up most of the accounts receivable financing industry. When you make a recourse factoring agreement, you and your factor both acknowledge that you are  responsible for buying back invoices that aren’t paid by your customers after a predetermined period of time, which could be 60, 90 or even 120 days. Factors, like PCG, realize that this could be a risky move for a trucker in need of factoring. Many factors provide credit checks for all your accounts and prospective accounts. Since recourse factoring offers a factor the least amount of risk, it is the most affordable option for a business seeking to factor invoices in order to increase cash flow.

Non-Recourse Factoring:

Non-recourse freight factoring means that the factor assumes the risk of non-payment by your accounts. Your trucking company is safe from the cost of bad debt, but the discount rate will be higher than it is for recourse factoring since it is a higher risk for the factor. Even with higher discount rates, many truckers see non-recourse as a promising agreement because the cost of an unpaid invoice is a much greater loss.

Deciding which type of freight factoring is best for you, recourse factoring or non-recourse factoring?

The most common choice for large businesses is recourse factoring but that does not mean this choice is the best for all businesses. The best thing to do is fill out a contact form to speak to a Phoenix Capital Group representative and discuss the terms of factoring agreements. After your discussion, it should become clear as to which choice should be selected. The easiest way to get in contact with a Phoenix Capital Group representative would be to call (623) 298-3460 or fill out a contact form online.

Equipment Financing:

Phoenix Capital Group offers equipment financing with low down payments along with flexible payment schedules to all existing freight factoring clients. There’s no need to worry about bad credit or bankruptcies because PCG does not require credit checks. Apply online for PCG’s equipment financing and experience quick closings at any dealership nationwide. We provide equipment financing flexibility that many businesses need, whether you’ve hit hard times or you are creating a long-term financial roadmap, we are here to help.

Fuel Card Program:

The private fuel card program we provide can help independent truckers and trucking companies respond to expenses and get back on the road faster. We offer our own cash card program to help your business manage fuel and other expenses. We understand that there is a lot of money going into your freight fuel tank, 40% of your company’s operating expenses to be exact. Our fuel card program helps truck drivers and transportation companies save thousands of dollars a year. Unlike our competitors’ fuel card programs, PCG gives you the ability to use your fuel card almost anywhere. With our fuel card program, you receive universal acceptance at all major truck stops, along with many independent truck stops.


Our fuel card program doesn’t just apply to gasoline; you also receive our discount hotel program! Over 4,000 gracious hotels give you 20-40% savings on your hotel room. Along with the endless benefits and money savings, our fuel card program gives you the ability to view truck stop fuel prices in advance to make the best fueling decisions while you’re on the road.

Load board:

PCG is determined to help truckers find high paying freight quickly and with no cost to PCG clients by providing www.pcgfactoringloadboard.com . The load board extension to the PCG website is the the ultimate truck load board search for independent truckers and fleets. There are ample amounts of available loads posted by truck load carriers, freight brokers and direct shippers daily. PCG’s load board is constantly being update to help clients find the most recent loads available. Whether you’re a new trucker or an experienced trucker, PCG’s load board will help you find loads quickly and effectively.

Referral Program:

We offer an exceptional referral program to individuals who refer any business to PCG, whether the referral is a PCG client or not. Our referral program is simply individuals who decide to partner with us for all freight factoring services, equipment financing services, and/or fuel card program based on another’s (positive) opinion. No matter how the source of the referral knows PCG, they will get paid.

How does PCG;’s referral program work? No two truck drivers are the same, same goes for our referrals. Here is the standard is set after a conversation between the BDO and the referral source:

  • If the conversation indicates a referral source that can generate multiple leads, we’ll have them sign a referral agreement for 10%.
  • If the lead is individual based, the referral amount is based on the first 30 day’s volume generated by the new client.
    • Up to $10,000 in purchases = $100
    • $10,000-$50,000 in purchases = $250
    • In excess of $50,000 in purchases = $500

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