Phoenix Capital Group is determined to help truckers find high paying freight quickly and with no cost to PCG clients by providing our very own load board. The new extension to the PCG website is the the ultimate truck load board search for independent truckers and fleets. There are ample amounts of available loads posted by truck load carriers, freight brokers and direct shippers daily. PCG’s load board is constantly being update to help clients find the most recent loads available. Whether you’re a new trucker or an experienced trucker, PCG’s load board will help you find loads quickly and effectively.

What is a load board?

Load boards, also known as freight boards, are online matching systems that allow shippers and freight brokers to post loads. It also allows carriers to post their free equipment. These systems allow shippers and carriers to find each other and enter into agreements to move freight.

Is Phoenix Capital Group’s load board free or paid?

PCG provides the new online system for free to all freight factoring clients. If you are a client and do not have access, contact your PCG representative for your unique username and password. If you are not a PCG freight factoring client and would like more information, fill out a contact form for immediate assistance.

Advantages of PCG’s load board:

Using PCG’s load board is a brilliant idea if an independent trucker is getting started in the industry and don’t have contacts with direct shippers. A load board can help truckers get loads, as well as some revenue, contacts, and experience. Load board advantages include:

  1. Online availability 24/7
  2. Free for our clients.
  3. Easy to use on any desktop, laptop, mobile device, iPad, etc.
  4. Trucker’s have their own account representative for quality customer service.
  5. Many offer additional services (freight factoring, non-recourse factoring, equipment financing, and fuel card programs).

Check out the PCG Load Board at

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