It’s time to get your trucking summer bod’ ready; practice these five workouts daily and be cautious when it comes to your snack alternatives.

5 easy workouts for truckers on the road:
  1. Jumping jacks! Every time you make a stop, quickly do 25 jumping jacks. Whether you’re stopping for a bathroom break, grab a bite to eat or you’re delivering a load, don’t miss one opportunity to bust out 25 quick jumping jacks.
  2. Toe touches! Before you go to sleep every night, complete 30 toe touches. Toe touches are executed exactly how it sounds. Before you climb into bed for the evening, bend over and touch your toes 30 times. This is not only a creative, effective work out but it stretches your back to reduce back pain and calms you down for the evening.
  3. Heel lifts! While trucking on the road, you’re going to run into lines; lines for the bathroom, lines for the cash register, the list goes on and on. Try something new next time you’re waiting in line; heel lifts. Slowly lift your heels up, standing on your tiptoes. This stretches your calves and builds muscle!
  4. Squats! When time comes to check out your tires or below your rig, turn it into a quick workout. Instead of bending over and putting more pressure on your back, squat down. Squats are an amazing workout for toning your legs and rear!
  5. Planks! Before you head to bed, add a 60 seconds plank into your routine. It’s the fastest workout you could do daily and it’s most effective.
5 alternative healthy snack ideas for truckers on the road:
  1. Craving french fries? Instead try eating one cup of edamame, this snack has 189 calories and 8 grams of fat. Another great option is a baked potato that has 161 calories. These two options are tasty alternative healthy snack ideas to help you avoid unhealthy french fries.
  2. Craving a candy bar? Instead, have some dark chocolate or a protein bar as an alternative healthy snack! A protein bar will satisfy and taste exactly like a candy bar. There are endless choices today; from chocolate, cookies n’ cream, chocolate peanut butter, and blueberry! Protein bars will keep you satisfied longer than a regular candy bar.
  3. Craving ice cream? Instead try sorbet, sherbet, or frozen yogurts. These choices are healthier alternatives, fat free and delicious.
  4. Craving a pastry? Avoid pastries like doughnuts, cakes, and cookies. Don’t give into temptation, try a granola bar or muffin! Granola bars and muffins have less sugar and can include fruits and nuts.
  5. Craving chips? Time to try kale chips! Most frown upon anything that includes “kale” but these chips are anything but bland! Kale chips are irresistible with flavors like Ranch, Nacho, and BBQ, they hit the spot for any chip you’re craving.

We challenge you to complete these five exercises daily and avoid unhealthy foods, eat alternative healthy snacks instead. Soon enough, you will get your dream trucking body is no time!