Freight factoring ensures the payment of invoice within 24 hours of delivering a load. Conducting business with invoice factoring provides steady, sufficient cash flow and can help owners and drivers provide the best service to clients. Fortunately, truck drivers and owners can keep steady business cash flow by partnering with Phoenix Capital Group.
  • Freight factoring improves the operational efficiency of your trucking company. Freight factoring helps trucking companies collect payments on loads that have already been delivered to the customer. Without freight bill factoring, truckers and trucking companies do not have access to the funds that they have earned. The limited access restricts the business, limits spending and blocks company growth. Phoenix Capital Group provides immediate access to working capital. Independent truckers and trucking companies now has the ability to cover all daily operational costs, and are able grow their business.
  • Independent truckers, trucking companies, and fleets avoid loans by using freight factoring services. Bank loans are hard for new truckers and new trucking company owners to obtain. There are many reasons why loans are hard to acquire; whether it’s due to bad credit, or no credit history at all.  In addition, bank loans can take weeks or even months to get approved. Phoenix Capital Group provides freight factoring so drivers and owners can avoid loans altogether and receive their first funding within 24 hours of signing a contract.
  • Freight factoring improves trucking companies operational efficiency. Trucking companies must pay drivers, manage insurance, and maintain fuel costs. For smaller truck companies, or independent truck drivers, freight factoring can provide a faster and more reliable operating cash flow.
  • Freight factoring allows independent truckers and owners watch their company succeed. Freight bill factoring pushes independent truckers and companies to grow. It’s a very exciting time when drivers begin to see the growth, as their stress levels decline. Freight factoring with Phoenix Capital Group lets drivers and owners enjoy their hard earned success by providing the finances to help them continue to grow.
  • Freight factoring is motivating for owners and their drivers. Everyday activities can be money guzzling, from food, to coffee, to a shower, to a motel bed. Freight factoring gives you more money to play with while you’re on the road. Want to go the extra mile? Ask a Phoenix Capital Group representative about our fuel card program and equipment financing. There are endless ways for your transportation business to save money, don’t be afraid to ask!
freight factoring application online

Improve the cash flow of your trucking company with Phoenix Capital Group’s freight factoring with 4 simple steps:

  1. Contact PCG via online contact form.
  2. The appropriate PCG representative will contact you regarding your expressed interest.
  3. Complete application within 24 hours.
  4. Begin submitting invoices to be cashed for same day funding.

Phoenix Capital Group wants to help your trucking company find more working capital to improve cash flow. Contact a PCG representative to explore our services and to prevent cash flow problems that could potentially hurt your business.