Teenagers are out of school, and on the road driving in the summer months.

Summer months are right around the corner! It seems the highways throughout the United States fill up quickly. Some are on a vacation road trip, some are traveling for business, and some are on the road to make a living. Believe it or not, driving in the summer months can be more dangerous than the roads during the icy winter months. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), August 2013 had the highest number of fatal car accidents of any month, with 3,136. July and September of 2014 each had over 2,900 fatal accidents themselves. These statistics may come a surprise to you, let’s take a look at what creates such dangerous situations in the summer months.

Summer brings out young drivers during all times of the day. It is important to keep a close eye out for drivers texting on the road, eating, or jamming out. Distracted driving leads to casualties.

Tires are more likely to blow out while driving.

Well-maintained tires provide protection against avoidable breakdowns and crashes, improved vehicle handling, better fuel economy, and increased tire life. It is important to check your tire air pressure monthly. If this is maintenance that you are not comfortable performing, many auto shops will do it for free.

More bikers and runners on the roads.

Many cyclists, bikers and runners take advantage of the warm weather by finally getting their vehicles out of the garage and onto the streets, which makes sharing the road a priority for drivers. The IIHS reports that 741 cyclists were involved in fatal accidents with motor vehicles in 2013 alone. Keep an eye out for those who are sharing the road with you while driving in the summer months.

Heat from the summer sun.

When driving in the summer months, it is critical to keep yourself and you vehicle hydrated! There is a high chance of your engine overheating, especially in the west! If you have to rely on your air conditioner to keep yourself from overheating, you may be at risk of you engine overheating. Turn your air off when driving uphill or mountains, and if you do overheat pull over to let your rig cool down.Always remember to have a bottle of water in case you do need to pull over!

Don’t over pack your car or rig.

When packing for a trip, whether you’re a long-haul trucking or on a family vacation, don’t exceed your car’s capacity. Your owner’s manual has information about the maximum weight of all cargo and passengers your vehicle can safely carry. Before heading out, double check that you can clearly see out of all your windows.

Now that you know the dangers of driving in the summer months and how to drive safely, where will you be driving this summer?