Better Food, Better You

There are many benefits to eating healthy while on the road. Eating less processed foods and more vegetables and fruits can help you lose weight, boost your immune system, and get a better night of sleep. Fruits and vegetables are also full of healthy antioxidants and vitamins that can help protect you from sickness.

It’s common to crave quick and easy snacks while on the road, here are a few delicious snack substitutes:
  • Trail mix: You may buy it or make it yourself! It’s a quick snack to throw together, just mixing a small serving of almonds, pistachios, or cashews with dried cranberries, cherries, raisins and dark chocolate chips.
  • Turkey jerky: This delicious healthy snack is high in protein, low in fat and lower in calories than normal road trip jerky!
  • Protein bars: These are high in protein, but still contain high quantities of refined sugar. These are a cheap snack option that still allows you to get your chocolate fix!
  • Frozen yogurt chips: Put flavored yogurt into a baggie and cut one of the corners off. Squeeze yogurt drops onto some wax paper and freeze. This is a great ice cream replacement and tastes just as good!
  • Popcorn: Lightly salted popcorn gives you the crunch most people look for in a snack. Even better, you can binge eat popcorn and not feel bloated.

If you think you’re feeling hungry because you’re bored trying drinking water then waiting twenty minutes. If the feeling of hunger goes away, then you were bored. If the feeling of hunger is still lingering, then your body is actually wanting food.

During your breaks at truck stops, or in between loads, try a few simple stretches and workouts to keep your mind and body in shipshape. Not only is this a positive practice for your body, but it helps you reduce stress.
  • Strength training: Reduce hip fractures, arthritis, and bone density loss.
  • Health benefits: Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, and strengthen your bones and muscles.
  • Weight loss: Lose fat while gaining muscle.
  • Suggested exercises: Walking, biking, martial arts, and/or swimming.
  • Trucker exercises: Jumping jacks, dumbbells, push-ups, lunges, and squats are a few recommended exercises for truckers!